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Newest addition…

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First Leg Day in a hot minute today… it’s entirely possible I went to hard and will soon expunge my dinner. We shall see. In any case, lats and back tonight. Sleep until then. 5 mile in the am.

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Jonathan Gottschall


Jonathan Gottschall

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In admonishing against their usage, Kurt Vonnegut famously called semicolons “transvestite hermaphrodites representing absolutely nothing," adding that "all they do is show you’ve been to college"; now, The Oatmeal is choosing to ignore Vonnegut’s advice in an illustrated guide to using semicolons.

Text 2 Jul Beer.

Nuff said.

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Those days were you are just WAITING for a motherfucker to say something too far, because dammit I need to punch something.

On another note… 4th of July! Fucking freedom day!

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Off work and it’s not dark?? Or 3am?? What is this madness!

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Fuck this week.

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Dat breaching charge…

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